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Description: Calculate BMI (Body-Mass-Index)

Calculate BMI (Body-Mass-Index)

In this article, you will learn what the Body Mass Index (BMI) is and how it is calculated. With the help of this value, you can determine whether your weight is too high or too low.

Short description

With this Online Calculator you can easily calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). This gives you an indication if your weight is too high or too low.

What exactly is the Body Mass Index?

The BMI is a measure with which you can evaluate the body weight of a person in relation to its height. Since neighter sex nor age or the physical build is included in the calculation, the value should only be considered as a recommendation. The Body Mass Index is calculated as follows:

$$\text{BMI}=\frac{\text{Body weight in kg}}{(\text{Body height in meters})^2}=\frac{m}{l^2}$$

Interpretation of the BMI

The following table illustrates you the weight classification for adults:

Category BMI
from to
Very severe underweight 15.0
Severe underweight 15.0 16.0
Moderate underweight 16.0 17.0
Slight underweight 17.0 18.5
Normal weight 18.5 25.0
Overweight 25.0 30.0
Moderate obese 30.0 35.0
Severe obese 35.0 40.0
Very severe obese 40.0 45.0
Morbid Obese 45.0
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Posted on 14.11.2018 | Last modified on 14.11.2018