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This random generator creates the answer YES or NO randomly. A more detailed description you can find here.

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  • "Should I text her?" - Jul
  • "Should I text my ex" - Jc
  • "Should I Go To Pre-Season Dance Practice?" - Star
  • "Should I text him?" - Ano
  • "Should I tell her?" - j
  • "I need to know if the man I’m thinking about is in love with me and if We going to get closer" - Rana
  • "Should I tell my valentine I like him" - Audrey
  • "Should I install Ubuntu MATE over my Windows 8.1?" - the2048
  • "Will I do well for my A Levels?" - Celesse
  • "Will I pass my drivers license test?????" - Iggy
  • "Should I do my homework?" - Jay
  • "Will I get a c- in math?" - Joey
  • "Should we watch Gotham s1e22 tonight?" - A
  • "Should l like his photo?" - Anni
  • "Should we go to the park?" - Kate
  • "Does Mary love me?" - Jesus
  • "Should I ask her out?" - King
  • "Should I text him first?" - Katherine
  • "Does he like me back?" - Mary
  • "Should i go to langkawi and backpack with friends?" - Eli
  • "Should I quit my job & go travelling. Feel trapped at workplace and my mind and heart are telling me to do so?" - Hannah G.
  • "Shoulda I go to the gym right now?" - Laura
  • "Should i follow him on instagram?" - Mmm
  • "Should I send him those snaps" - <3
  • "Should I stay up all night to get more Fortnite wins" - Lewis
  • "Should I allow Raja to come to Derby tonight" - RajAni
  • "Should i leave the country and leave her?" - ashish
  • "Does he love me?" Zoe
  • "I use the generator for deciding wether i should go in the city shopping to or nah or if I should go in the city trying to meet a dude that i find hot with his friend which is a rapper." - LIVIA
  • "Should I tell my crush I like her?" - Gilbert M.
  • "Should i go to my boyfriends house? i really just want to a lazy weekend. But i wont see him for a week." - Harriet
  • "Should i Go to bolinao pangasinan?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I buy those stuff online?" - Celeste
  • "Does she like me?" - Caleb
  • "Should I go to bingo tonight?" - Anonymous
  • "SHould enter in a relationship with her?" - Marcus
  • "Will I pass my math class" - Macall
  • "Should I continue in symphony orchestra?" - JD
  • "Should I go out with my friends?" - Tahlia
  • "Is my sister happy? Is her partner good for her?" - Z
  • "Will Priyanka love me?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I end my relationship?" - Maria
  • "Should I sleep now?" - Bob the triangle
  • "Whether i should break up with my boyfriend or not" - Kabyashree
  • "Wheather or not I should buy a fortnite skin :)" - Person
  • "Should I go to Christian chruch camp?" - Abby
  • "Should I block him?" - Anonymous
  • "I'm using this to decide whether or not to loan my new boyfriend $500 dollars." - Claudia
  • "Should I go out tonight?" - Betty
  • "Will Chris go out with me?" - Anonymous
  • "Am I pregnant?" - Anonymous
  • "Shall I message him right now?" - Anonymous
  • "Am I going to her party?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I go to school today?" - Hanna
  • "To get the job or not?" - Anonymous
  • "Will i get pregnant this year?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I go to work today?" - Anonymous
  • "Should i ask out the girl i like?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I go with a friend and other strangers to LA?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I text her for her birthday?" - Bolt
  • "Am I gay? - YES" - Janne
  • "Should I message my friend?" - Sam
  • "Should I accept the new job?" - M
  • "Should I text him back?" - Anonymous
  • "To take and bath or not" - Anonymous
  • "Will the result be 'no'?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I purchase the house? Answer YES" - Anonymous
  • "Did they like my singing? Was I ugly? Will they offer me a traineeship?" - P
  • "Should I hang out with this boy I've known for years I grew to like, but never hung out with? Scared of rejection." - Abby
  • "Should I go home?" - Anonymous
  • "Should dance to Hyuna ice cream or BTS blood,sweat, and tears?" - Anonymous
  • "Would these characters survive the Thanos snap?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I get a new apartment?" - Anonymous
  • "Will WWE 2K19 be the best 2k game?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I watch Monsters Vs Aliens?" - Anonymous
  • "Should i break up with her?" - Milly
  • "Is kat a true friend and should i take her off fb?" - Gill
  • "Will i pass my exams?" - Anonymous
  • "Will I get a good mark on my project?" - AQ
  • "Should I text Chiara after two months?" - Manu
  • "Will I win over a £100k this year?" - Anonymous
  • "Is the painting my father bought in the charity shop valuable?" - Carl R.
  • "Will she text me?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I forget about my ex who's trying to get me back?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I go to South Korea this year with my mom?" - Teddy
  • "Should I go to my cousins wedding knowing my dad will be there who I haven’t spoken to in years?" - Yasmin
  • "Will I got visa tomorrow?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I go workout?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I go to camp gladiator this morning or not?" - Anonymous
  • "Will Giovanni respond to my message?" - Anonymous
  • "Should I tell my mom I'm gay?" - Josh
  • ...


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