The new Converter platform: Ultimatesolver.com

Welcome to the new platform!

This website is all about converters, calculation pages and random generators: from converting different number systems to generating g-code from music files. Ultimatesolver.com arises from homeconstructor.de. These site closes its doors and provides the foundation for two new platforms:

Homeconstructor.net and Ultimatesolver.com.

Homeconstructor.net is a new blog about Science & Technology: from programming, website design and internet security to electrical engineering. Furthermore, threre are presented selfmade projects such as a CNC milling machine or a Tesla Coil. The goal is to continuously develop both platforms over the years and to fill them with as much know-how as possible.

Converter and random generators on Ultimatesolver.com

Do you have your own CNC milling machine or a 3D printer at home? Then why not listen to music with it? With the help of the Midi → G Code Converter you can easily convert music files into g-code:

Or are you possibly still undecided in anything? Then just let decide the Random generators what to do.


Would you like to know how to make music with a CNC milling machine or a 3D printer? Then just read the blog article.