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Converters for Texts and Numbers

Online tool: Sort list
Sort Lists

With this online tool you can sort lists according to different criteria easily. There are various options available, such as the sorting method or the sorting direction.

Converter lowercase uppercase letters
Text Converter - Lower- / Uppercase Letters

Sometimes you come into the situation that you need a text completely in lowercase or uppercase letters. With this Online Converter you do not have to edit the text by hand. Furthermore, there are many other options available.

Converter jumble letters
Text Converter - Jumble Letters

With this converter you can jumble the letters within each word of a text. The first and the last letter always remain unchanged. Nevertheless, you should be able to read the resulting text without any problems! Don't you believe it? Just try it out!

Converter ROT encryption
Text Converter - ROT Encryption

With this Online Converter you can ROT-encrypt and decrypt texts. Many different rotations can be selected for both letters and numbers. The most popular methods are ROT5, ROT13, ROT18 and ROT47.

Number system converter
Convert Number Systems

With this converter you can convert a number from any polyadic number system (base from 2 to 36) to another polyadic number system. You can also display the calculation path to understand the conversion. The most popular number systems are the dual system, the decimal system and the hexadecimal system.

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