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In this random generator you can enter several names which will then be arranged in a random order. A more detailed description you can find here.

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  • "We use this for everything!" - Anonymous
  • "For the giving of speeches in class." - Anonymous
  • "Using this for fantasy football draft order" - Wendell
  • "For raffles" - Nita W.
  • "Practising scales" - Anonymous
  • "We are using it to give speeches." - Anonymous
  • "For making a basic encryption which has a list of letters symbols and numbers and cycles through them." - Anonymous
  • "Deciding where to eat" - Anonymous
  • "I use it to write silly sentences when bored in class. Kind of like an ad lib but more random." - Anonymous
  • "So I can decide on what Operators I shall draw in what order" - Anonymous
  • "I use this for anything I need it for." - Alena
  • "Random Giveaway" - Joe
  • "Who does what chores? Kitchen, Sweeping, Mopping, Dinning room, Laundry" - Anonymous
  • "Where to eat" - Anonymous
  • "I use it to decide who or what to draw." - E
  • "I am using it to generate a random order for a Corona Road Rally while everyone is in quarantine :)" - Amy S.
  • "I use it for a private lottery" - Michael
  • "To pick what movie we are watching on movie night!" - Olivia V.
  • "Whichever name is 5th, I kill...In my books (I swear I’m sane)" - Anonymous
  • "Family gift raffle for virtual party" - Anonymous
  • "I am using this to determine the order for dancers to perform in a virtual dance show." - Bj M.
  • "To assign countries to each person in a class for our finals" - Anonymous
  • ...


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This random generator was used about 360.700 times.
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