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Text Converter - Lower- / Uppercase Letters

This online converter can be used to convert letters of a text into lower-/uppercase. For example, you can use it to convert your text completely into lowercase or uppercase letters. There are also 5 more options available:

You can enter 10000 characters


The connection to this converter is encrypted via SSL. We do not store or share any input or output data!


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THIS IS GREAT FOR FIXING SCREWUPS WHEN You accidentally hit the caps lock key and don't notice it until you've already typed several sentences. I always wondered wHY Windows never had a feature like that built in, SINCE EVerybody does this sometimes! i'VE ALWAYS HAD TO TYPE EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN.
No u
"I liKe iT bECAuse You caN pReTty MUcH Do wHateveR You wANT ANd TrOLl Ur fRIenDs
Very cool!!!