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Text Converter - Jumble Letters

Can you read this text?

Hree you can see waht graet tgnihs yuor brian deos for you. As lnog as the frist and the lsat letetr of a wrod do not chagne, the odrer of the ohter lteetrs can be jbulmed and you are siltl able to urtdnenasd the txet!

Try it yourself, if it works with other texts!

With this converter you can jumble the letters within each word as in the example above. The first and the last letter always remain unchanged.

You can enter 10000 characters

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In this converter, you can enter a text which is then converted into a text with jumbled letters. A more detailed description you can find here.


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This was not what i was looking for but fun.
Perfect for discord funnies
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